This beautiful colored Shazar Stone, known as "The Stone of wonder, the stone of glory and of infinite history." from the Ken River region in Banda (a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India). Discovered 400 years ago, it is known for having pictures of leaves, branches and trees in them, like scenery of the desert setting. It has been highly collected and cherished since then, a most likely before. This pretty Shazar stone looks like red coral to me, but could be viewed as auburn red leaves in Fall as well. Set in solid sterling silver, the true beauty of this stone is the focus. This beautiful Fall colored accessory is also believed to bring luck to its wearer. A 20 inch silky snake chain accompanies pendent.


Metal: Solid sterling silver

Stone: Shazar Stone

Length: 1 3/8 inch

Country of Origin: India



Shazar Stone Scenic Pendent