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The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

  Hello, and a warm welcome to my shop. I'm so excited to finally open my online store. Friends, colleagues, and family have been waiting patiently for a central site to browse at their own leisure, although I know they frequent my boutique shops. Here you will not just find some of the best one of a kind and unique jewelry pieces, but you will get a glimpse of art and culture from around the world.

   I'm very passionate about my products, and put a lot of time and thought into their purchase.

 I'm  very proud of the making and mining of my pieces. I have relationships with wonderful small sellers and artists  from around the world that I trust and count on for the best quality items. Because my trade deals with small business owners, I get remarkable prices which I pass on to you.  I do not buy any items that are involved in controversial procurement, and a large majority of my items come from U.S. merchants & local artists. 

  I'm influenced by my strong values of life and respect for other cultures on our planet, and do what I can to keep balance and harmony. I would love it if everyone could experience the natural beauty, artistic landscapes, daily rituals, and incredible wonders this world has to offer. I hope you have the opportunity to find a perfect memento that accents your passion for life, Enjoy your adventure in finding your special jewelry piece that speaks distinctly to you, and lets you express your own unique sense of style. So pull up a chair and prepare for a colorful trip through the market places around the globe. I hope you will enjoy it. 


Gerri Goodspeed

Shop Owner & Artist

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  Roots of Inspiration

My roots are in the south, where i gather great inspiration in the little everyday things. When I am not traveling, I enjoy my view, and let my creative side flow. 


  Some people may think my search for the unusual is an addiction, but to me...these are my mini-vacations from the everyday... my happy place. Oh, and ... evidently my cat's place also!  

I am always interested in ideas from others, and welcome feedback, requests, chats, and emails. I look forward to hearing from you!

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